It’s no secret that metal roofs are superior to their counterparts; and in a city like Toronto, where the weather changes at the drop of a pin, you’re going to want to make sure your home is protected. That’s where Top Construction comes in. We’re Toronto’s premier metal roofing company who is on the move to revolutionize the way homes and roofs are constructed in the area. Why? Because they’re better.

More and more people in Canada and Toronto have been turning towards metal roofs because they offer optimal weather protection and an aesthetic that can’t be beat. Did we mention that they last for decades? Unlike other roofing materials that can’t withstand the wear and tear brought on by weather, metal roofs dazzle year round without so much as needing a repair after a thunderstorm or blizzard. In addition to superior protection, metal roofs are environmentally friendlier as they’re made with recycled material and can help keep your home climate controlled.

Top Construction offers a variety of roofing services to the Toronto area such as commercial metal roof installations, residential metal roof installations, skylights, sun tubes, and gutter cleaning! We’re more than happy to work with you to design and plan out a project regardless of how ambitious it may seem. Whether you’re making the transition from a roof made out of traditional shingles or you’re finishing up a new construction, our metal roofing company is up to the challenge. We know that metal roofs are better, and we’re willing to work with you so that you could experience the benefits for years to come.

Our metal roofing company guarantees that if you choose us to be your contractor, you’ll receive a roof that looks fantastic and that lasts for years. This we can guarantee. Please browse our site and contact us to start your roofing project.